22. Juli 2019 gae

10th German-American Business Day at the Hudson Institute in Washington

The GAE Business Day continues to connect people from both sides of the Atlantic. The event, now in its tenth year had vibrant discussions on topics relevant to today’s political and economic landscapes. Topics that included international relations, economic trade, financial policies, business ethics, and others; but the overarching message that connected all the discussions was that person to person interactions remain the pivotal bonds that enable the successful progress of international dialogue.

This year’s speakers, Dr. Claus Kleber, renowned journalist, Conrad Tribble, former diplomat and counsel general, and Boris Ruge, deputy chief of mission of Germany discussed the current state of relations between Germany and the US and the opportunities for bilateral discussions that lie ahead. Dr. Kleber remarked on his multi-decade experience as a journalist both in Germany and the US and said that in order to understand the point of view of others it is crucial to first ask how they define the topic that is being discussed – from there everyone has a good foundation upon which to start a dialogue.

The annual event also included a panel discussion on the future of the German-American partnership, which had insight from alumni of the GAE Internship Program as well as university representatives. The consensus was that in order to understand the role of the US in the world it is important to travel and experience other cultures first hand. The power of dialogue between the two nations remains important for the future as the world becomes even more connected through global political, as well as, environmental policies.

As Dr. Christoph Rückel says, when traveling abroad, it is important to observe, but never compare.
We look forward to hosting the next GAE Business Day in Stuttgart on July 9, 2020.