Feb 26. 21 Application Deadline

Feb 26. 21 Application Deadline for our 2021 Internship Program for US students with German companies in the US. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GAE has modified the internship program for 2021 offering U.S. students internships with German companies in the U.S. Please see “Application 2021” for further information.

10th German-American Business Day at the Hudson Institute in Washington

The GAE Business Day continues to connect people from both sides of the Atlantic. The event, now in its tenth year had vibrant discussions on topics relevant to today’s political and economic landscapes. Topics that included international relations, economic trade, financial policies, business ethics, and others; but the overarching message that connected all the discussions was that person to person interactions remain the pivotal bonds that enable the successful progress of international dialogue.

This year’s speakers, Dr. Claus Kleber, renowned journalist, Conrad Tribble, former diplomat and counsel general, and Boris Ruge, deputy chief of mission of Germany discussed the current state of relations between Germany and the US and the opportunities for bilateral discussions that lie ahead. Dr. Kleber remarked on his multi-decade experience as a journalist both in Germany and the US and said that in order to understand the point of view of others it is crucial to first ask how they define the topic that is being discussed – from there everyone has a good foundation upon which to start a dialogue.

The annual event also included a panel discussion on the future of the German-American partnership, which had insight from alumni of the GAE Internship Program as well as university representatives. The consensus was that in order to understand the role of the US in the world it is important to travel and experience other cultures first hand. The power of dialogue between the two nations remains important for the future as the world becomes even more connected through global political, as well as, environmental policies.

As Dr. Christoph Rückel says, when traveling abroad, it is important to observe, but never compare.
We look forward to hosting the next GAE Business Day in Stuttgart on July 9, 2020.

9th German-American Business Day

The 9th Annual German-American Business Day was held in Munich Germany. We were thrilled to host many esteemed guests at the Literaturhaus. We heard some phenomenal speeches in the morning from Consul Erik Hunt, Mr. Egbert Deekeling, Bavarian State Minister Georg Eisenreich, Ms. Sigalit Klimovsky, and Mr. Tim Kelley. After lunch we enjoyed listening to a panel of interns speak about their experiences thus far In Germany. Mr. Keith Calhoun-Senghor joined our interns on stage and was a lively and dynamic moderator for the panel. We concluded the event with the panel consisting of professionals who despite having various backgrounds all have an interest and link to the transatlantic relationship. Dr. Fritz Audebert, Mr. Anton Klees, Mr. Sebastian Meis, Dr. Stefan Piëch, and Mr. Stefan Wirtz held a lively discussion and answered audience questions. Guests were able to network both during the lunch break and after the panels had concluded. The 9th Annual German-Business Day was a success! A special thanks to all of our speakers, panel members, moderators, sponsors and the host companies.

Interns explore Munich

This past weekend the interns had a get-together in Munich, before the 9th annual German American Business Day on the following Monday. We were given a guided tour at the NS-Documentation Center, where we learned specifically about the role Munich played in the rise of the Nazi party. We then enjoyed a dinner in a beer garden and lively conversations with Mr. Rückel. The day finished with a beautiful concert in Schloss Nymphenburg. One of the interns, Michelle Griffin said: “the musical performance was so beautiful and the setting was so great, I started to tear up.”

The following day we enjoyed a guided tour of Munich’s old town by our very own Susanne Meyer. We were able to see the many attractions in Munich and hear the stories behind each place. Even the interns living in Munich learned new things about the places they walk by every day. Of course, we also enjoyed the world cup final in a beer garden among many Croatian fans.

On Monday all of us interns were in attendance at the 9th Annual German American Business Day, where we had the opportunity to hear prominent figures speak about the importance of the transatlantic relationship and network with those exact speakers and esteemed guests. There was a panel of interns who shared their experiences thus far in the program.

Here is a video that was shown of our interns, during the event:


It was wonderful to have all the interns back together again.



Invitation to our 9th German-American Business Day on July 16th at Literaturhaus Munich

Salvatorplatz 1



We are happy to invite you to our 9th German-American Business Day. The topic of this daytime event is


  • In the morning we will have several keynotes on the digital transformation of the global economy, with speakers from Germany, the US and Israel. Among them will be the Bavarian Minister of State for Digitalization, Georg Eisenreich.
  • After lunch we will present some videos produced by our interns. A few of them as well as one or two alumni will report about their experiences in short interviews.
  • In the afternoon, there will be a panel with several entrepreneurs with international business acitivities discussing various aspects of globalization and digitalization, one of the panelists will be Dr. Stefan Piëch, new Advisory Board Member of the Porsche SE.

We are very excited to host this event here in Munich and hope to have many participants from companies, universities and institutions in the transatlantic network.

Language: The conference will be held in a mixture of German and English – the morning in German and English, the panel discussion in the afternoon in German. The moderator is bilingual and an interpreter will be present.


Program short


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Interview at Atlantik-Brücke e.V.– June 15

At the end of the Berlin Get-Together trip, three of our interns had the privilege of being interviewed on the current state of the transatlantic relationship between the US and Germany, by Mr. Fehrenbach at the Atlantik-Brücke. Topics included: the transatlantic relationship in general, Western values and interests, Donald Trump’s impact on the USA and the world, the midterm elections, American domestic policy, NATO’s global role, trade conflicts regarding punitive tariffs, the consequences of digitization for employees, socio-economic problems within the US, and the fight against climate change after America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement.

The interview can be found at: https://www.atlantik-bruecke.org/interview-german-american-exchange/

Berlin Get-Together, June 14

We, as interns of the German American Exchange Program, had the great opportunity to visit Germany’s capital. We started our Berlin trip at the State Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia, where we were welcomed by Sieglinde von Wasielewski. She gave a presentation on the organization of government within Germany and led a discussion on how it compares to our own form of government. We also visited the Gedenkstätte Deutsche Widerstand and were able to learn more about the History of Berlin while standing in Stauffenberg’s former office. Our first day ended, the true German way – in a beer garden. We were accompanied by Dr. Alexander Freiherr von Aretin and his colleagues, from the law firm Graf von Westphalen, Berlin.

The next day, we had the honor of speaking with Mr. Peter Beyer, a Member of German Parliament and the Transatlantic Cooperation Coordinator at the German Bundestag. Mr. Beyer graciously answered all of our questions about what goes in the Bundestag on a day to day basis and also specifically what is currently happening in German politics. We ended our trip at the US Embassy, right alongside the Brandenburg Gate, where we had a Q&A with Foreign Service officer Rob Folley. We were accompanied throughout the trip by Mr. Robin Fehrenbach, a representative of the Atlantik-Brücke.

A special thanks to everyone who made this trip possible.


Welcome to the 2018 program round

Interns and representatives of host companies and GAE at the Welcome Ceremony at the MainAirportCenter at Frankfurt airport. Special thanks to our host FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH!

We are happy to welcome our interns for the 2018 program round! 22 interns of the German-American internship program are going to spend the next three months in 17 companies throughout Germany. We wish y’all a pleasant stay and great success in your internships!