14. Juli 2018 gae

Interns explore Munich

This past weekend the interns had a get-together in Munich, before the 9th annual German American Business Day on the following Monday. We were given a guided tour at the NS-Documentation Center, where we learned specifically about the role Munich played in the rise of the Nazi party. We then enjoyed a dinner in a beer garden and lively conversations with Mr. Rückel. The day finished with a beautiful concert in Schloss Nymphenburg. One of the interns, Michelle Griffin said: “the musical performance was so beautiful and the setting was so great, I started to tear up.”

The following day we enjoyed a guided tour of Munich’s old town by our very own Susanne Meyer. We were able to see the many attractions in Munich and hear the stories behind each place. Even the interns living in Munich learned new things about the places they walk by every day. Of course, we also enjoyed the world cup final in a beer garden among many Croatian fans.

On Monday all of us interns were in attendance at the 9th Annual German American Business Day, where we had the opportunity to hear prominent figures speak about the importance of the transatlantic relationship and network with those exact speakers and esteemed guests. There was a panel of interns who shared their experiences thus far in the program.

Here is a video that was shown of our interns, during the event:


It was wonderful to have all the interns back together again.