14. Juni 2018 gae

Berlin Get-Together, June 14

We, as interns of the German American Exchange Program, had the great opportunity to visit Germany’s capital. We started our Berlin trip at the State Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia, where we were welcomed by Sieglinde von Wasielewski. She gave a presentation on the organization of government within Germany and led a discussion on how it compares to our own form of government. We also visited the Gedenkstätte Deutsche Widerstand and were able to learn more about the History of Berlin while standing in Stauffenberg’s former office. Our first day ended, the true German way – in a beer garden. We were accompanied by Dr. Alexander Freiherr von Aretin and his colleagues, from the law firm Graf von Westphalen, Berlin.

The next day, we had the honor of speaking with Mr. Peter Beyer, a Member of German Parliament and the Transatlantic Cooperation Coordinator at the German Bundestag. Mr. Beyer graciously answered all of our questions about what goes in the Bundestag on a day to day basis and also specifically what is currently happening in German politics. We ended our trip at the US Embassy, right alongside the Brandenburg Gate, where we had a Q&A with Foreign Service officer Rob Folley. We were accompanied throughout the trip by Mr. Robin Fehrenbach, a representative of the Atlantik-Brücke.

A special thanks to everyone who made this trip possible.