TCP September 2021

TCP September 2021

On the first Monday of every month, we meet on Zoom to discuss transatlantic and global issues. The idea is that even though we are in different places geographically and personally, we exchange ideas, learn from each other, and grow more and more into a part of an understanding global society.

In September, we began our mini-series on states by talking about the most established form of large-scale social organization: states. We looked at what states offer, where limitations need to be, and what else would be required. We also stumbled upon the following thesis: That state sovereignty requires violence, law, money, and knowledge. This laid the groundwork for the next four months as well.

We found the mentioned thesis and other inspirations in the following texts:

Why Nations Fail – The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty | (Daron Acemoglu/James A. Robinson)

The demise of the nation state The Guardian (Rana Dasgupta)

What is a State Constitution? | (James A. Gardner)

The Idea of the State | (Haskell Fain)

The State: Past, Present, Future | (Bob Jessop)

States, state power, and state theory (Bob Jessop)

What is a State if it is not a Sovereign? | (Clifford Geertz)