TCP August 2021

In August, our conversation revolved around the topic of philanthropy. We wanted to find out what we understand by philanthropy and how we want to see it in our society. Various texts led us to relevant questions and aspects. Philanthropy has different forms and focuses and goes in countless directions around the world. Therefore, it is crucial to know and understand the meaning and concept of philanthropy a little better. 

The very insightful texts were:

On the Modern Meaning of Philanthropy | (Marty Sulek)

Introduction: The Ethics of Philanthropy | (Patricia Illingworth and Thomas Pogge)

There’s No Such Thing as Good Philanthropy | Jacobin (Daniel Bessner)

“Generous” Billionaires Are Part of the Problem | Jacobin (Luke Savage)

Philanthropic Foundations and Development Co-operation | (OECD)

Promoting Philanthropy: Global Challenges and Approaches | INSP (Paula D. Johnson, Stephen P. Johnson, Andrew Kingman)