TCP June 2021

TCP June 2021

On the first Monday of every month, we meet on Zoom to discuss transatlantic and global issues. The idea is that even though we are in different places geographically and personally, we exchange ideas, learn from each other, and grow more and more into a part of an understanding global society.

In June, we discussed the topic of “Bidenomics”. The new government has gotten off to a flying start and launched many projects. Government investment is playing a new role. With a lot of money being invested, this is a departure from Reagen’s austerity ideology of years past (which began under Jimmy Carter). Perhaps it will be an example of how to tackle the big problems of the present and the future. Short time ago we have seen the political battles over the implementation of the infrastructure bill.

As always we were guided through the discussion by some texts that we discover after a brief and relatively random research, these were our references:

America’s race to net zero | New Statesman (Adam Tooze)

The Infrastructure Bill Is a Chance to Make Our Public Spaces Beautiful | Jacobin (Firmin DeBrabander)

Biden Can GoBigger and Not “pay for It” the Old Way | The New York Times (Stephanie Kelton)

Bidenomics, explained | (Noah Smith)